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Linda M Jones has always been interested in art and used to only work in acrylics and oils until 2005 when she was inspired by the works of Todd Lockwood, which got her looking into the world of digital art.

In early 2006 after playing with basic digital works, she discovered Anne Stoke's digital fantasy art that got her thinking more seriously about becoming a professional Freelance Artist.

Linda took on the brand name SheBlackDragon where her artwork is primarily gothic fantasy but she now has a sister brand name SheWhiteDragon for her softer, lighter artwork. She has worked with various companies across a range of industries, putting her love of dragons, fantasy, the supernatural, cute, and gothic to good use.

Linda has a licensing agreement with Nemesis Now who has presented some of her artwork on their premium, high quality giftware and we are thrilled to be able to stock them!

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