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Hi everybody and welcome to our website The Mystical Gift Shop. This is our first blog, as we launch our new website which as been a long time in the making. Theres a lot of work involved in the whole process of website building, very time consuming but very rewarding at the end of it. We aim to bring you as much variety of all things mystical that we can,  and that includes our blogs!! :) We will update our blogs regually and try and bring you as many interesting and different blogs as we possibly can regarding all walks of life and paths that people choose aswell as my own insights which i hope you will enjoy reading and leave as much feed back and comments as you would like to. I will try to incorporate as many items we sell to the relevant subjects.

This should be alot of fun as its the start of a new journey in life for us and i am really looking forward to blogging as its so nice to communicate with our customers. I think engaging with customers is as important as selling our products as its the energy that i hope the blogs will create between ourselves to enlighten and move the shift forward into the golden age which im sure we are already starting to embrace.  Maybe with that in mind i could introduce some of our products that we have regarding keeping ourselfs happy and enlightend, remember these are all from my own perspective and yours may and will differ from mine or we maybe singing from the same songbook so to speak.  Whichever way we are all connected and are a strand upon this wonderful web of life which connects us all together and to the universe.

We have so much more to bring to you on this website, this is only the first phase and the next phase we will be introducing Books, Jewellery, CDs, Healing stones, Aromatherapy , and lots more candles and incense.

So to the things that can keep us happy and enlightened in life, for me its a walk in the countryside breathing in the fresh air, the trees, the fields, woods and all the beauty that nature has to bring.

Although you dont need to be in the countryside, a nice park or your own back garden or balcony were you can embrace nature, breathe in the fresh air and open yourself upto the universe connect and embrace and give thanks to all that is.  I give thanks to Isis and Osiris aswell as Aradia and Cernunnos. I relate to them as guardians, some people will have Angels or Buddha as a guide. What im getting at is, there is no right or wrong deity its different for us all, but the one thing they all have in common is that they come from source, they are all one, and maybe thats a clue in itself. The way forward i think in life is to take a little from all and every way and path in life and fill ourselves with wonder and wisdom from all walks and not be blinked by one particular path.

So here on our site are some wonderful figurines and plaques of different Deities which can be placed in a special place in the home were even just their presence brings you a lift of energy, enlightenment and happiness!! :)  

So why not bring the Celtic god of nature and fertility himself into your home "Cernunnos" . This beautiful wall plaque of Cernunnos is very detailed indeed with so much symbolism, a truly magnificent work of art!


The horned God comes in so many different forms from different ages through out the world from differnt cultures, but another favourite of mine is the Greek Horned God "Pan" .


This amazing bronze effect figurine is new out today! I have orderd one for myself, and carnt wait for him to arrive. There are numerous Pan figurines on the market but this really does capture his essence and would be a great addition for anyones Alter or mantelpiece. I will blog more about the Horned God and give you an amazing invocation for the Horned God in a near future blog aswell as some beautiful Goddess figurines.

I do hope you have enjoyed our first blog and i look forward to any comments, by the way its my first ever blog, I have enjoyed it and im sending it with love and blessings to all.

Blessed Be. 

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