Spring Clean - "Awakening Energies"

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So....with the spring equinox just around the corner maybe now’s a good time to have a spring clean, why not cleanse your house of old energies.  Why you ask? Well, sometimes the energy in our home needs "awakening".  For instance, take a spare room or a room in your house that doesnt get used much, the energy in there can become still and somewhat stagnant, so why not wake it up!  Its not just spare rooms that need an awakening, even our main living room needs some attention like in the corners of the room were the energy is still. 

We can all bring our home back to life, and this can be done with the whole family, we all can join in the cleansing ceromony including the kids who will enjoy it tremendously!!  So here’s some things you will need:

Hand Held Musical Instruments - Let the children pick there own, it will add to there experience, or better still they could make a shaker out of a plastic bottle filled with pasta or dried peas (thanks to nanny Karen :)) and they could always decorate the bottle to make it even more fun for them.  They could also use a tambourine or bell instead or anything that makes a noise. Kids love whistles and a drum is good for awakening the energies aswell but anything musical is fine.  

Water - Next, we use the four elements for part of our cleanse. You will need some water which represents the West - maybe some water from a sacred stream would be great, it's a chance to get out into the fresh air and collect some. There are some beautiful villages where streams run freely with fresh water from our hillsides, a beautiful energy within itself. If not you can use tap water and bless it yourself - p
ut one hand over the water and repeat the following prayer to the God and Goddess:  "Divine Father, Mother Goddess, Purify this water with your Divine powers, Bless it with your light".  You can pour the water you have collected or the tap water into a chalice, if you don't want to use a chalice then a simple cup is ok, the chalice just adds to the experience and can be used again in other different rituals and also used for ornamental use as well as for the altar purposes.  We have some lovely chalices from beautifully illustrated witchcraft to fairy and angel chalices.


Salt - Next, You will need some salt which represents the element of earth - the North.  This can be any type of salt, table salt, sea salt. Use a small bowl for this as you will need to get your finger tips to it for scattering.  

Smudge Stick - Next, we use the element of the East which is represented by Air, here we can use some incense or better still a smudge stick. We have various smudge sticks available.  


Candle - Last but not least, you will need the element of the south which is represented by Fire, here we use a candle. So now we have everything  we need to start, ideally this could be done at Imbolg which is an ideal time to cleanse as we celebrate the coming back of the light whilst calling upon the goddess Bridgid. We have a magnificent statue figurine of Bridgid on order, she will not be with us until early April, but can be pre-ordered ready for next years Imbolg were she can decorate  your altar or sacred space, weather that be your altar table or sideboard or mantle, she is adorable!!


I will blog more about imbolg in detail as the wheel of the year turns nearer the time.  Back to our "Awakening Energies" , this can be done at anytime, Imbolg to the Spring Equinox is best. This year the Vernal (spring) equinox falls on March the 20th.  Ok, so let the fun begin!

We are now going to clear the rooms of any negative and unwanted energies or spirits. For the first part its for the adults to do,  its only the clapping and singing and music playing where the children join in after the initial clearing is done. Its ok in my opinion for the children to observe at this point.  Before you start your cleansing you must keep this in mind, the water and incense (smudge stick) are for purification. This should also be clear as an intention in our hearts and minds, for without that, no amount of incense will help!  Now first of all we walk the room deosil (clockwise) with a lighted candle, if possible use a white candle as we are doing this with the intent of purifying, using the four elements as mentioned earlier.  Next take the salt and again walk the room deosil and sprinkle the salt around the room, just a sprinkle is fine remembering to reach the corners.  We are now going to walk the room deosil with the water that we have already blessed, again just a sprinkle is suffice. Next using our lit Smudge Stick walk the room deosil using a bowl or if you have one an Abalone shell to catch the embers as you walk. Smudge and go round the room opening all the doors and windows to let the negative energy out, making a lot of noise to release the negative energy and spirits and place a bunch of fresh flowers at the window when you close it.

We can now let the children join in with there home made shakers or whichever musical instrument they have chosen, or simply joining in with the singing, clapping or dancing. Walk the room again or dance the room deosil with your shakers, drums, bells and bring the whole place to life and love, for music is the food of love.  Druids tend to use music or noise to drive away evil spirits and call upon benevolent ones. You can call upon which ever god or goddess that you feel a connection with, or you may just want to call upon the gods and goddesses to protect and bless the home you live in. Make the whole event as much fun as possible and remember to clap in the corners of the rooms and "Awake those Energies". I hope you found this article interesting and of some use, I have enjoyed writing it and i send it out with love & blessings.

Blessed Be.


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