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Anne Stokes is a British freelance illustrator who is loved by fans of fantasy of all ages worldwide. Anne's art covers a broad range of themes from beautiful fairies to fierce dragons, from the mystic to the gothic.

Anne began her career as merchandise designer, designing tour merchandise for the worlds best known bands.  She also worked as jewellery designer and sculptor producing ranges of jewellery items for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and Harry Potter. Anne then became a full-time freelance illustrator where she worked on a number of book, game and record products, producing concept art and illustrations for Dungeons and Dragons.

As Anne’s art career progressed she moved solely into licensing her own creations and expanding the ranges of her fantasy themed paintings. Using symbolism within her pictures to convey meaning Anne’s artworks has been widely acclaimed.

Many of Anne's artwork have been licensed on a wide range of products which are on sale worldwide, including greeting cards, figurines, clocks, pictures, mugs, calendars, tarot cards, jewellery, bags and purses and many more products. She continues to produce new works and has published several books.